Airal Flag

Airal is a small mining town in the Stoneback Mountains in the region of Lake Tyaena.

Located near the source of the Ari river Airal is mostly known for mining the cold iron ore used in much of Delmoria.


Airal was founded in 3451 AR when a small band of dwarven adventurers chose the location as the site for their base of operations. While excavating for their lair they discovered cold iron and saw the value in a steady income for retirement. They established the Underhill Mining Company in 3454.

In 3472 the adventurers and their treasure were lost when the lair in which they lived and stored their wealth colapsed. Despite centuries of mining in the area none of the Underhill holdings have ever been found.

There was a brief time in the 47th Century AR when a seam of gold was discovered near Airal. This led to a rush and nearly tripled the population of Airal in just a few short years. The rush ended once it was discovered that the Highhill family had consolidated all of the mining rights in the area and as a result the majority of newcomers ended up just working in the Highhills' cold iron mines. It has been surmised that the patriarch of the Highhill family at the time, Quick-Eldon Highhill, may have encouraged the rumors of gold in order to increase his workforce but no hard evidence has ever been found.