Fortress City
Blyth Fortress

Roland's Temple, The Fortress City

Kingdom: Delmoria

Settled: 2881 AR


  • Monarch: King Basitor IV
  • Executive: Lord Carradine
Population: 1,219
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Blyth is a small town which sits inside a massive fortress on the shores of the Orian Straight. It was constructed in 2881 AR by Devenicholus Roland and served as a launching point for his effort to conquer the Eastern continent. Present day Blyth is under the rule of King Basitor and the Kingdom of Delmoria. Commander General of the Delmorian Army, Lord Brazen Carradine , governs Blyth under martial law. More than half of Blyth's residents are military personel. 

Strategic ImportanceEdit

The recent threat of the Zombie King has increased the strategic importance of Blyth. As the northern-most port for Delmoria's many warships, a landing point further south than Blyth would likely face great resistence at sea. This strong naval presence forces the Zombie King's armies to land north of Blyth, funneling them through Ivenhall, where defenses have been bolstered. Lord Carradine believes that if the Zombie King is to make an effort at claiming the Eastern continent, he will have to start with an assault on the Fortress City. Carradine has convinced King Basitor to prepare for that eventuality. 

The Roland AcademyEdit

Named after the great general Devenicholus Roland, The Roland Academy, serves as Delmoria's premiere institution for the training of military officers. Notable alumni include Lord Carradine and King Basitor. 

The Alchemy InstituteEdit

The Alchemy Institute is an operation that is rumored to be funded by the military and located in Blyth. While there is no official recognition of its existence, the Alchemy Institute is said to be devoted to the invention of powerful alchemical weapons for use in war. Some believe that the Alchemy Institute is responsible for the invention of firearms and other explosives.