Small Town

Foggy City

Kingdom: Delmoria 


  • Monarch: King Basitor IV
  • Governor: Duke Cerul Little
Population: 1,739
Alignment: Neutral Good

Estesia is a small town located on the Rockwell Islands off the western coast of the Delmorian Kingdom in East Oria. It is governed by Duke Cerul Little, the third cousin of King Basitor the IV. Estesia was initially established as a naval outpost by Devinicholous Roland in 2910 AR. In 2922 AR a harsh winter, combined with the pressures of the 34-year war between Roland and King Horitus Wynther of Belesia led to a famine on the island, and it was abandoned. 

Estesia was eventually reclaimed by Koradans (worshipers of the diety Korada) who wished to escape the pains of their war efforts in 2931 AR. These retired warriors and their families lived in relative isolation for hundreds of years, largely avoiding the conflicts of the continent. When House Basitor took the throne in 3327, King Agen Basitor sent a regiment to Estesia to establish a new naval base. His efforts were strongly resisted by the populace there, and King Agen Basitor eventually relented and moved the base to Blyth. However, he did appoint Miral Little, his brother-in-law, governor of the town with the title of Duke. 

Fiercly isolationist, Estesia resisted House Little's soverignty for many generations. In 3624, Duke Salem Little took a native Estesian, Doria Mere, as his wife. This marriage deeply angered many in the ruling class of Delmoria, but perhaps for that reason endeared the Littles to the people of Estesia. 


Foggy City Newspaper

Estesia has seen eight murders since Kuthona, 2706, including the shocking murder of Princess Ornae. Highly circumstantial evidence intially implicated a visitor to the town named Ech'ety Hornstripe, who was staying at the Touch of Fatigue Inn the days preceeding Princess Ornae's murder, and whose whereabouts remains unknown. Constable Torin, the top law officer in Estesia, was quick to insist that mobs not be formed to find Mr. Hornstripe, and that there was no evidence linking him to the crime. Nevertheless, gossip and The Foggy City Newspaper continued to use the name as pseudonym for the true killer. 

Since Princess Ornae's death, one prior murder and six sequential ones have been attributed to "Hornstripe", though none have produced suspects. 


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Riel Feaman - Killed 12/19/4706

Ornae Wynther Little, Princess of Belesia and Dutchess of Estesia - Killed 12/23/4706

Dema Grou - Killed on 1/2/4707

Ricker Shean and Myrel Wades - Killed on 1/16/4707

Talshia Hurnstead - Killed on 1/19/4707

Gerfalka Merimaid - Killed on 1/26/4707

Silda Wells - Killed on 2/10/4707