Gelphoria is ruled by King Ysvith Denith, whose family has maintained the throne since 3812 AR, after the Convinth Convention ajourned in alleigance to the crown. Since the convention, the power of the crown has waned. Today, the Denith House has little real control outside of Covinth. Most of the cities and settlements govern themselves, as they did before the Great War. Though most Gelphorian settlements pay small taxes to the throne, control over most of these revenue is restricted to a council headed by the King, but composed of representatives from the major cities who have an equal say in how the revenues are spent.

The most contentious claim of self-governance is that of Belesia. The Treaty of Belesia placed the city under Gelphorian rule, though the city's population never warmed to the throne, refusing to pay taxes and draft their youth into the militia. This conflict reached its peak in 3902 when several Belesians were killed by militia during a protest of new taxation, lead to a massive riot and the deaths of some 24 militia men. In 3912, the Belesian citizenry coalesced behind Georgios Wynther, a political activist and descendant of the Wynther House that once ruled the islands. Wynther organized the Belesian people into peaceful protests and brilliantly orchestrated a scenario by which Gelphoria's largest brigade was cut off from communicating with the Throne, preventing them from recieving an order from the king to attack the peaceful protesters to "set them right". Eventually Wynther wore down the crown, was granted an audience with the King, and negotiated a new treaty where Belesia and the rest of the Rockwell Islands were part of Gelphoria in name only, and not subject to any of its laws or edicts.

The turmoil of the Great War in 2904 AR also led to an exodus of many of the citizens of Delmoria, many of them from the once most populous city of Kerith. They journeyed to the south of the Mindle Mountains and formed New Keruth, which has grown to the third largest city in Erivale.

Major Cities of Gelphoria

Covinth , Denwood , East Saven , Lindle , New Keruth , Tovert , West Saven , Woodlyn , Katerau , Westworth , Riverwell .