Large Town

The Wretched Hive

Kingdom: Delmoria

Settled: 3261 AR


  • Monarch: King Basitor IV
  • Executive: Argur Wintercourt
Population: 2,096
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Ivenhall is a large town located along in Rion river near the Stoneback Mountains. The town was founded in 3261 AR by Morick Ivenhall.



Ivenhall has a reputation for turning a blind eye to crime. Those who walk its streets unprepared typically find themselves robbed or killed.


There are few merchants in Ivenhall dealing in legitimate trade. Most of the goods here have been stolen or counterfeited. Any item which sells for less than 2,860 gp is available here. 


Ivenhall was placed in receivership two years ago, and Argur Wintercourt was tasked by King Basitor to purge the city of its notorious corruption. 

The Ivenhall Trade OrganizationEdit

Morick Ivenhall was a miner and entreprenuer who established a trade outpost along the Rion to export the cold iron found in the Stoneback Mountains. As his business grew, he established the Ivenhall Mining Group, a cartel composed of several mining companies in the region who colluded to increase profits. Control of the Ivenhall Mining Group stayed within the Ivenhall family until it collapsed after the Underhill disaster. While many speculate that the Ivenhall family deliberatly sabotaged the Underhill's lair, causing it to collapse in 3472, there is no direct evidence. Documentary evidence discovered by scholars at the Dubnar School suggests that the Ivenhall Group felt threatened by these new explorers, but there is no indication that they held violent motives. Regardless, the public reaction to the incident forced the other members of the Group to leave, and eventually the Ivenhalls went bankrupt. Several decades after the Underhill incident, the surviving companies formed the Ivenhall Trade Organization to once again control the supply of cold iron and other mined exports from the region.