Mujina is a dire badger and companion of Apollo of the Lion.

Relationship With ApolloEdit

Apollo first encountered Mujina in the woods on the grounds of Hill Manor when he was 15 years old. Only the fact that Mujina herself was quite young saved Apollo from his certain death at her hands.

Enamored with the young beast and perhaps a bit unwise Apollo took it upon himself to befriend Mujina by bringing her offerings of food from his home.

Eventually Mujina came to expect these payments of tribute and thought of Apollo as a harmless companion.

Years of persistance paid off when, at the age of 21, Apollo discovered just how attached Mujina had become to him. On a walk in the woods he slipped on a snowy ledge and fell into a frozen creek below. The dire badger lept in after him and managed to pull him from the water and keep him warm against her body until he dried off and was able to return home.

Apollo felt it was best that he hide his connection with Mujina from his mother for fear that she might forbid it. It was only when Apollo chose to leave his family behind that anyone knew of their relationship but no one dared comment on the sight of a halfling mounted on a badger because what little presence Apollo had Mujina more than made up for.

They have developed a strong bond over their many years but Apollo is not Mujina's master. In fact it is often hard to tell who is making the choices in any given circumstance. Much of the time Mujina abides by Apollo's wishes but, in moments of stress, flashes of the wild animal within her can be seen.