Ràn Blackwater

True Neutral
Race Human
Level 5
Class Rogue
Archetype Swashbuckler
Ability Scores
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 19 4
Constitution 16 3
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 16 3
Charisma 10 0

Roguish Piñata. 


Rán has several tattoos (listed below, as they've been revealed during a rather embarassing skirmish in which Rán lost her clothing temporarily), remnants of her ties to her former life. She carries two boarding axes, named Simon (main hand) and Garfunkel (off hand). Also carries a beat up shortbow and a grungy backpack. She is generally disheveled, as she would rather sleep in then to take additional time cleaning up.


  • Ribs: a small flock of crows
  • Each wrist: three waves of water
  • Right arm: scene depicting several fish swimming downstream and one swimming upstream
  • Right leg: four crows with interlocking wings
  • Right hip: crow nested into a hand/left hip: two crows nested into a tree
  • Across back: "It can be expected that a man who has a lot on his mind will not always be careful enough."


Born and raised in Nighwood Cove by local pirates, Ràn (pronounced Roun) decided to leave home at 16 to persue prospects on the mainland in Roth Koria. For the past five years, Ràn has lived in the main city, acclimating to urban life, learning new skills, and acting as a freelance sailor for the many trade ships in the area. She has always gone where opportunity calls, and fell into the ranks of the party as an expert of the high seas and is proficent in many forms of fighting - as well as the dying art of charcuterie.


Rán keeps to herself, but recognizes the need for allies, especially those who are more knowledgable in certain areas. As such, she tends to align herself with those with experitise in any given area. She has not had many encounters with those in the world with magical abilities, and is fascinated with the power they possess. Rán also finds herself often with an inability to articulate opinions, and thus usually expresses her dislike of ideas with sarcasm instead of a logical argument.


Blammo is Rán's pet Capuchin monkey. He is incredibly adorable, loves bananas, and wears a jaunty bowtie made from a pillowcase. He also now has a fondness for whiskey, and has made friends with Lewin and Jarus, who provide him with this whiskey.